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Fluent Home Automation Review

Fluent Home Automation Review

Home invasion occurs when an intruder gets inside your home without any permission. Most of the time, the intruders steal some of your precious things and in worst case scenarios, they could cause harm to the people living inside your home…which might even include you. So before something like this happens, you might want to consider protecting your home with a smart home security system from Fluent . The company is said to be reliable when it comes to home security and automation services.

How Fluent Home Protects Homes

Fluent is known for its innovative technology and highly integrated functions. They supply security systems that provide protection for not only your home, but your entire family too, which is very important especially when you are not at home. Depending on the level of protection and security that you need, Fluent provides monthly remote monitoring services against all types of intrusions.

Best Features of Remote Monitoring Service

Here is a list of the things that you can benefit from the monthly remote monitoring services of Fluent Home:

  • No need for system activation – the remote monitoring is available to protect you and your loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By simply pressing on the emergency buttons, an immediate alert will then be sent.
  • Partial system activation – provides protection of your home perimeters including doors and windows, leaving you to freely circulate indoors.
  • 24 hour remote monitoring – your home will be monitored by Fluent Home Automation all day and all night, through their monitoring centers, and their emergency services will be immediately dispatched to your home in case of alarm.

Provides Utmost Protection

Fluent Home offers a range of complimentary services which gives a higher level of protection to your home. They have the SkyGARD-CTM, Patrol service and several other products and services. The SkyGARD-CTM is a supervised phone line that provides added protection to your home by simply replacing your conventional phone line in case of malfunction or vandalism. Fluent Home also provides patrol service. For this service, the monitoring center of Fluent will immediately receive information in case your alarm system is triggered. Thus, they will call a qualified security officer to visit your premises and investigate the matter. They will then immediately take the proper measure and call the authority if there is a need to.

Other Products

Aside from its home security systems , Fluent also sells a wide range of products for your home security needs. They sell an alarm keypad which you can install in another room of your house for added protection. There are pet motion detectors which are uniquely designed and come with digital lens system that provides protection against those false alarms that are often set off by your pets. Fluent Home also sells glass break detectors that provide added protection around the perimeter of your house and it works by rapidly detecting any attempted break-ins, by means of a system of microphones which are capable of picking up high frequencies.


Fluent Home is a good company that’s actually worth checking out. They’re one of the best Canadian based companies in the market today. You may want to learn more about Fluent by calling them at 1-855-719-6828 or visiting their official website .




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